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Clear Grip Surfboard Traction

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    Clear Grip XM surfboard traction is clear, works in any air or water temperature, saves time and solves messy wax problems. See a recent Clear Grip ad as featured in Surfing Magazine.

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  • Our current Clear GripTM formula (released August 2006) features an improved skin friendly texture which provides excellent water-wet traction with or without wax.
  • Clear Grip resists heat from sun exposure to keep your deck cool and comfortable while also preventing wax from melting. Note: A light application of warm water wax is recommended on mid board (chest area) to prevent slipping when paddling with fabric covered wet suits or rash guards. For the ultimate
    zero wax experience, we recommend using neoprene "smoothie" type wetsuits or rash guards.
  • Clear Grip is easy to apply, durable, long lasting, and UV resistant for non-yellowing. Cleans with soap and water rinse.
  • Weighs only 1 ounce per square foot after product is applied on your surfboard.
  • Clear Grip surfboard traction is available in 100' (foot) rolls or 18" (inch) length strips at 10.75" width to accomodate the needs for short, long and extra long surfboards and stand up paddle boards, etc.
  • Applications include: Surfboard Traction - short boards, long boards, stand up paddle boards, various foam boards including body and soft boards; Water Skiing - wake skiing, wake skating, jet skiing; Wind Surfing - sail boarding; Skate Boarding - very popular for long board style "carve" skating; Boat Decks - great safety and traction without having to cover up the natural look of wood, colors or graphics.
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